i dreamed four dreams last night:

in dream one, i was aboard an airship, a blimp sort of thing, very futuristic, and i walked to the special viewing area, a glass enclosure that passengers could stand upon. i looked down over the city. i felt very nice about this dream. it was pleasant. i was not afraid of heights in the dream. i woke up.

in dream two, my family and i walked around our house with flashlights and turned on as many of the lights as we could. i understood in this dream that we were trying to combat a malevolent spirit that haunted our house. as we walked around the house to turn on the lights, other lights flicked off of their own accord. my father made a sound and came back from the porch. i ran out to the porch to confront the ghost. it was a woman sitting in a rocking chair. she turned to look at me and her eyes were completely white. i woke up from fear.

in dream three, i was taking part in a variety show at a high school. i was not in high school though. i and my fellow variety showmates (they were abstract friends in the dream, but no one i knew in waking life) fumbled through one routine, a cheerleading routine, which was very embarrasing. i dont know why we did that. then we brought out the guitars, the amps, the drum kit, and played music, but i had really old strings on my guitar that wouldn't tune correctly, and i couldn't figure out how to plug in to the tuner, and then the bass player got mad at me for playing the wrong chord progression, and someone else wanted me to 'solo' during the song, but i didnt know what song it was, and basically i ruined everything and woke up.

in dream four, i was riding my motorcycle. but i dont remember anything else. i woke up.