Sonora Review

I feel very earnest right now. This will be an earnest post. It will be earnest and not sarcastic and basically written in good spirits. Also, I am very tired right now.

Okay, two weeks ago, Astrid Duffy of the Sonora Review contacted me about revising a story I had sent them in March. Since then, we've been working back and forth, trying to get the story as clear as possible, and tonight she sent me the official contract/acceptance email thing. I'll mail that out in the morning.

I am happy with what happened. Astrid took a flawed story that others would have rejected (and did reject), and suggested changes, asked me good questions about the story, questions I hadn't really even thought about, and patiently worked with me through several drafts, etc. It was the kind of close editorial work that really makes this whole publishing thing a little more human, I think.

So the story will be in their next issue out in December. I do not know who else is in the issue. She said they've only accepted two other stories so far.

That is all.