last issue of Phoebe

This is the last issue of Phoebe that I worked on. I will never work on Phoebe again. I am sad to go. But I am happy with the two issues I worked on. They go together, I think.

This issue (Fall08) has work by the following people:

John Yunker
Kevin Wilson
Dan Pinkerton
Caitlin Horrocks
KA Hays
Chris Gavaler
Avital Gad-Cykman

Nora Almeida
Anselm Berrigan
Trina Burke
Ben Doller
Dan Ford
Eryn Green
Henry Hart
Marci Johnson
Kimberly Lojek
Mel Nichols
Drew Nolte
Caren Scott
Ryan Walker
Laurie E. White

The cover art is by Marisa Purcell. This is my favorite cover ever. Also, there are doodles on the pages by John Kieltyka. They are funny and neat to look at.

Fiction contributors, I sent out copies for you today and will send more tomorrow.