"run faster"

I am having trouble with my internet. I have not blogged recently because of this trouble. When I do have access to the internet, I am usually at the writing center doing writing center stuff or at home checking my email. And by the time I want to blog, the internet stops working for some reason. I have not been able to get onto the internet to blog because many times the person from whom I'm stealing the internet stays on the internet all the time, so it weakens the signal and makes it hard for my computer to connect. I am assuming this, anyhow. At least they haven't yet figured out how to password protect their internet. I usually can only use the internet late late at night or during the morning. Even then, it is sporadic. I do not know why. My wife said that she wishes we could call to complain about our internet. But we cannot.

This post is about running. I am at the stage in my running where I think I am in shape enough to start running workouts each week. I have been running for nearly two months now. I have slowly added mileage to not get injured. This week I ran 23 miles. Next week, I hope to run 30 miles and run a steady state and run some strides. We'll see. Eventually, I would like to run a race, maybe an endofsummer 5k. Again, we'll see. 

I think that if I post this information and link to my running calender, then it will force me to continue running so I don't look like a fool.

So here is my running calender - I am trying to figure out how to make it better and smarter sounding. I have not yet figured out how to post future workouts to be worked out. That would be easier than looking at this piece of paper that I'm using now.

Also, I am tired of teenaged hecklers. 

Teenaged hecklers, it is not helpful to tell me to "run faster" when I run by you on the street.