cabin, reviewing, my achilles, and off to sewanee

I just returned from spending the weekend with a few friends up at my grandparents' cabin north of Gettysburg. I finished revising two stories up there, read the first few sections of my sister's novel and suggested edits, avoided the internet for a few days, and freaked myself out (the cabin is kind of remote and the woods seemed teeming with murderers). I think my friends also got things done, so congrats all around.

I'm scrambling to finish a review of this book. I am having trouble writing this review.  I read most of the book this weekend, liked it, was confused in a good way, and struggled to reread it today and write the review. I am halfway done with the review, but am late on it. I will have to email Scott to tell him the situation. I am enjoying writing the review though, even though I am having trouble, so that is good.

I have not run since Friday. I am having trouble with my left Achilles tendon. I messed up my calf on Wednesday as I walked down some stairs in the morning, then I ran on it that evening, and on Thursday the pain had descended below my calf. I stupidly ran on it Thursday evening. I am annoyed at myself and at my Achilles. I am icing 2-3 times a day, stretching, and taking ibuprofen. It still hurts today, so my training schedule is messed up for now. This is annoying because I was supposed to hit 40 miles last week and 46 this week.

I am leaving tomorrow morning (today, I guess) at, like, 7am, to drive to Sewanee for the conference there. I am all packed, except for a few things. The drive is 10 hours, I think. I am going to be tired.