SWC: 7

Today was pretty lazy. I did not go to the readings, the editors' panel, the Mark Strand lecture. Instead, we ran 4 again before it got too hot and spent the morning reading stories for workshop, writing comments on them, etc. After lunch, Jim, Dave, and I visited the rope-swing-lake again and came back in time to hear Tim O'Brien read the final story ("The Lives of the Dead") in The Things They Carried. I did not expect him to read this story. I was surprised that he read this story. I expected one of the funnier stories, or one of the war stories, I guess. I did not expect him to select such a 'heavy' story? I heard many people in the room sniffling. I felt very sad as he read the story. It was sad.

Then we went to the Vice Chancellor's house. It was big.


Nap time.

Then we listened to a few of the scholars who have books forthcoming read their work. I enjoyed these readings. I liked listening to what the other scholars were 'doing.' Josh Weil read from his collection of novellas, some other people read (mostly poets, I have not looked up their names, I am sorry), and Frank Giampietro read from his book of poetry. His poems were really funny. 

I think it would be both fun and unnerving to read here. I would get very nervous.

French House for drinks. Then another swim at the lake.

I have an ear infection.