SWC: Last Day

I'll have to revisit the past two days (the ones I did not say anything about), but for now here's what happened today:

We had a 10am workshop. We workshopped three novel excerpts, including Jim's. Due to some weird page handouts, participants in the workshopped received two different groups of exceprts from Jim's novel. This difference in readings created some nice discussion about the novel. During the workshop, I felt very tired (I had gone to sleep 'early' the night before, but slept poorly). I was not hungover - I have been hungover only once or twice. Instead I was tired.

Then we went swimming at The Res, did the runandjump a few times, and came back to hear the fellows read: Darrin Doyle and Don Waters read from their work along with two other poets. Darrin and Don are very nice and gave very good readings.

'Banquet' time after that.

John Casey read a series of excerpts from his newest novel that he's still working on. The room was packed, as it was the last reading. Because of the packed room, it got very hot. I sweated as I listened to John Casey read. 

Then everyone got 'crazy.' There was a 'dance' at the 'pub' on 'campus.' I played foosball(?). In that picture is Mike Rosovsky, Dave 'Barry' Mullins, David McGlynn, and a poet named Eric Something. Eric Something was very good at foosball. He destroyed me. In that photo, 'Barry' (red hat) is hiding me from the camera.

I did not get crazy. Foosball is not something that is crazy, really. Crazy is, like, dancing and grinding all up on someone or drinking heavily. Other people were drinking a lot and outside of the pub, they were dropping bottles on the patio. Greg Williamson helped clean up the mess.

Then some of us drove down to the cross/overlook to look over things in the valley and see the big cross. The cops came by and made us leave after a while. That was 'exciting,' I guess. This was around 2:30am that they finally made us leave.

Now it is bedtime.