I feel maniacal right now, but not in an evil way, in a good way. I feel really happy and excited. I feel jitterey. I drank a big thing of cocacola earlier, and I have been thinking a lot about writing/reading and stuff. I feel like sending a million emails to people, emails that say congratulations or good work. I feel like contacting people. Earlier I felt really annoyed at writing and now I feel really happy. I have all these plans. I am sending people emails right now to say hello. I read Gogol's "The Nose" this evening and it made me feel so happy. It made me want to do what he did with a nose. I like that the nose dresses up like a state councilor or whatever. And is caught trying to flee the city. The last two paragraphs of "The Nose" - read them. Now. I read this post at Brandon Scott Gorrell's blog and I got excited by it. I don't know why. I don't 'know' Brandon Scott Gorrell. I also read lots of other posts today and previously and felt generally good about all of them; you know, the Blake Butler post, the Matt Bell followup post, the Dan Wickett followup post. I looked at Lily Hoang's ebook at Lamination Colony, but I did not read it - I could not stop looking at the pictures behind the text. I feel relaxed also. I am moving soon. Maybe I am nervous about moving. I don't know. I want to watch the olympics. I want to drink some really ice cold water. I want to figure out how to make this text column not as skinny. That is the only thing bothering me at this moment. And my achilles. That is enough for now - off to me email, then off to writing or reading or drawing.