Meat Tower

I've been scanning the web for stories to share with my lit class. I have been asking them to find stories, bring them in, read the first few sentences to everyone, and then vote on a handful that we'd like to read together for next time. This has been going fine, I think. It has been 'exciting.' They will put together a mini-anthology at the end of the course and introduce it and stuff. So I have been looking all over the place for stories to send to them. I have been directing them to visit all sorts of online journals and that sort of thing.

The point of that paragraph was to get to this: I have been out of touch for a while online. I am trying to get back in touch. And so, during my online search, I found that Matthew Derby has a blog now? I have been reading it? How come no one told me this?

Anyhow, he doesn't seem to have updated it since June. And it looks like all of the posts are about Mount Zoomer. Not that this is a bad thing. He is working on a bio, I think, of the band. That is what I read on the site, I think. Unless I misinterpreted or something.

Also, there is a hurricane coming?