Today was not a good writing day. I drank too much coffee and began to feel crazy in my head. I ripped off a little of my fingernail and it bled some. My legs were shaking. Later I felt awful. I read through several stories I've been working on, stories I haven't really looked at for a while, and I felt like I was not being truthful in them. I am having a hard time deciding if these stories are not full stories but only tiny stories. I typed a few words on one of the stories, but then stopped.

Instead I took this video of the work going on outside my window to remove tree debris from the road to the school behind our apartment. I couldn't stop making roaring sounds in my head while the machine went back and forth. It went back and forth all day long.

It's probably only funny to me.

I think that is an example of a 'giggle'?


Then I read all of No Colony and really liked it. I liked all the weird stuff in it. A character in Derek White's piece says "It is we who are in discovery of the body" and I laughed.

I also read some from the latest Ninth Letter. The one that's been out for a while. I need to update my address with them.

I looked online at chapbooks and other things I want to buy.

I did other things.