helmet rant

Every time I drive around Houston, I am amazed at the number of riders I see out on their motorcycles without a helmet. Only twenty states, I believe, require helmets for all motorcyclists. 

Texas, obviously, is not one of those states.

I guess that's one way to get organ donors.

I'm pretty certain that if any of these clowns clicked around the internet, maybe searched with the safe search off, or went directly to some of the 'gore' sites to have a look at some images, they might change their mind.

Okay, to be 'fair,' the riders I usually see without a helmet aren't doing stuff like this, you know? They aren't racing or whatever. But, the vast majority of guys on cruisers don't wear helmets, would rather sport that awesome bandana or some sort of skull cap. Regardless, it's pretty easy to split open your head doing 15mph: telephone poles don't care what speed you're going.

Good news is the sport bikers typically armor up bigtime. Here's why:

Anyhow, that's my rant. It's bothered me ever since I moved here.