i feel pleasant now; i dont hate everyone any more

Today, we went to the aboretum at Memorial Park. We walked around and looked at nature. We saw lots of birds, a ribbon snake, some turtles and fish, and lots of mosquitos. The mosquitos were friendly and bit us in friendly ways. I want to go back to the aboretum and look at more nature. Oh, we also saw a rabbit. A wild one. It seemed scared of us. Oh well.

Something else happened recently that I wanted to talk about.

Oh right, um, a short text of mine was just accepted for publication in the next Lamination Colony. So I am really happy about that. Thank you, Blake Butler. It is a short text about tornados that I have been working on for this weather field guide thing or whatever. I want to send more parts of this thing out, but I don't have anything else ready to share with editors, I guess. I want to send to sleepingfish and DIAGRAM. Soon enough. Plus I am happy that Lamination Colony will break my online-lit cherry, I guess, you could say.

Word has it that the creation of Pocket Finger is going well over at Publishing Genius. Leah Ammerman is designing the chapbook, I am told. Hooray! Her stuff is very tiny and minimal and awesome. She designed this book. And my sister, Christy, drew the cover illustration also, so I'm excited to see how that gets worked into everything. I will announce when all of that is figured out for good.

The weather here has finally 'turned,' I think. It doesn't feel like a 'real' fall though. I miss seeing the leaves change in northern Virginia. The leaves in the valley out on I-66 would really change colors. I think Cliff Garstang knows what I'm talking about. I also miss driving up to Gettysburg with my writer-friends and seeing those leaves change on the way to my grandparents' cabin.

I am drinking Lone Star beer. It tastes like urine. Well, maybe not urine, but it doesn't taste good. I think I like Shiner Bock better.