more writing about tornados

Two nights ago I spent a couple of hours at work on this new project, which is a bunch of small texts about weather. I am writing about tornados still, but I managed to add a few things to the text: the life cycle of a tornado. I think you could call this a sort of guide to weather. It is set up like a field guide, and each section is devoted to a certain type of weather. So far I have only been writing about tornados, but maybe I'll move around in the guide. I don't know what will happen to this project, really, but I like working on it. I like that I can just not think too hard about it as I type up things. At first I was worried that everything would have to 'make sense' and stuff. But now I am just typing things and making up stuff. There doesn't seem to be a overall logical system to this as you would see in a real guide.

So yeah.

I want to write about hurricanes next.