a new project i think

I cannot fall asleep. I am really tired and I have to wake up really early tomorrow for class, but I cannot stop thinking about things. I feel excited about 'writing.' I think having the chapbook finished and having a batch of stories out for consideration has made me feel good. 

Also, I think I started a new project tonight. I took a break from grading papers and wanted to read something, but I didn't want to read a fiction book that would make me start thinking. I pulled some field guide to weather off of my shelf and started reading it. Then I thought it would be nice to try to rewrite one of the entries. So I rewrote the entry on the funnels of tornadoes. I wrote a small paragraph. When I stopped writing, I felt like the entry was complete. I think I want to try to rewrite more entries in the future. I think that is doable, given my schedule. My longer stories are suffering because of my schedule, but if I can just put a few minutes into one paragraph per entry, I will feel good about myself. I will feel like less of a failure. I think I will send some of these entries out soon to online places.