Pocket Finger update

Gchatted a little with Adam Robinson and my sister about the chapbook. I slept for a while this afternoon, so I missed this very nice post, and so Adam let me know what he was thinking specifically; he is smart. I never would have thought of these things to do with the chapbook as an art book. The chapbook will be a PDF online just like all the others in the series, and then maybe a handful of handmade art books with cool art stuff. I am being vague here because I don't have any good design sense, and so I don't want to promise what cool stuff will be in this art book and then force Adam to have to deliver.

I am excited that he said Peter Markus in relation to talking about the chapbook. Also shower reading. That excited me too. I need to read Peter Markus now. I talk a lot of shit about how I will soon read Peter Markus, but this is for real now. Anyhow, we're working on making a few changes, small really, maybe, to some of the art, and then Adam will send any suggestions he has about the text sometime in the future for me to do.