So, good fun news.

Caketrain is available for preorder. Awesome people are in it: Shane Jones, Kim Chinquee, Michael Kimball, Brian Foley, Norman Lock, Joshua Ware, etc. My story, "Consider the Buzzard," is part of my 'weather' series or whatever. I am excited about this story being in Caketrain. Caketrain is the perfect place for it.

Also, I think that Thomas O'Connell's piece of text and my story were made for each other.

The other journal ready for shipping is the latest issue of New York Tyrant. I am amazed to be in this issue. Gordon Lish is in this issue. Blake Butler. Justin Taylor. Atticus Lish. Eugene Lim. Sam Michel. Etc. These are good people, I think. I cannot wait to read them.

If you want this issue, order it as soon as possible. The last two issues have sold out immediately.