book trade?


I reviewed boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by zach plague out from featherproof for the forthcoming winter issue of The Quarterly Conversation, and now I would like to trade the book for another book that I can read.

Is anyone interested? Does anyone have an 'indie' book that they don't want anymore that they would like to trade for this book?

I liked this book okay, I think. It is really nice to touch and to hold and to admire (the design is pretty awesome), but I didn't 'feel' the story as much as I hoped I would. I don't want to 'talk shit' about featherproof, cause I really like their design and what they are doing and I think they are pretty awesome, but yeah. Anyhow, when my review comes out, read that for a more serious discussion or something?

So anyone interested?

UPDATE - this is no longer available.

I will mail it to you.