gena mohwish tagged me to do this thing. this thing is to write 7 things about myself. i am going to type random facts as they come to my head and then press 'publish post':

1. i was born on an air force base in utah in 1983 and have lived in a total of five states thus far in my life and i have been out of the country three times: mexico (cabo san lucas), england (london), australia (sydney - for study abroad).

2. i chew my fingernails, often until they bleed

3. i am married to a very patient, beautiful woman and have been for a little over three years, which is a miracle considering #2.

4. i have a younger sister who lives in chicago and she draws/paints/makes visual art stuff and also writes word stuff and she is also beautiful.

5. i have an mfa from george mason university. i am happy i have an mfa. i think getting an mfa was good for me. i think it helped me figure out some things.

6. i am currently reading cosmicomics by italo calvino and i like it so far - i just finished reading notes from the underground. i want to read as much russian literature as i can because i think im going to russia this summer with my wife and her family

7. i live in houston. on newyearseve someone was talking about NASA - i used to want to be a pilot like my dad and then an astronaut after i was a pilot for several years (i even began private flight lessons in high school), but then i became an adult and grew fearful of most everything.

i tag these people. do whatever. i wont be mad if you dont do it. whatever:

jereme dean (he has to do another 7 on top of the original 7 that he did)