USAirways #1549

Just got off the phone with my dad about USAirways #1549, an Airbus 320 which is currently sinking in the Hudson River. He is of the opinion that at about 3k feet in the air NW of Laguardia, after bird strikes killed both engines, the pilot had maybe 1.5 to 2 min to make a decision as to where to put down the airplane. Teterboro Airport (in NJ, follow the NJ turnpike) was under the left wing once the pilot got a vector back to Laguardia, but would probably have required too much energy to get the airplane in position for a landing. Likewise for runway 31 at Laguardia.

The fact that the pilot set it down in the Hudson in such a way as to allow everyone on board time to get out safely with few injuries testifies to the pilot's skill. Good work USAirways pilot/crew, whoever you are.

UPDATE: This is the pilot. Chesley B. Sullenberger.