people at the literary salon were nice to me

So good things happened yesterday at the first ever Publishing Genius Literary Salon. I got lost and drove around the streets of Baltimore for half an hour. I met lots of people. I heard some of those people read. I watched a few leg wrestling matches. And I petted two cats. 

Also, I turned 25 years old, so that was fun.

Everyone read stuff from their chapbooks, which Adam Robinson (the publishing genius?) has posted online in PDF form here. You can also order copies and he will mail them to you, or you can print them out. The chapbooks look very nice and they do not have any rose petals crushed into their pages.

People who read in no order at all (links provided when I could find them with a quick Google search; otherwise I linked to the chapbook):

Jen Michalski's chapbook takes figures and diagrams from biology texts and combines them with prose.

Joe Young read a teeny tiny story.

Michael Kimball read a story of the alphabet.

Blake Butler read about tumors but very little.

Nic Noyer read from his made-for-stage piece, Hystery of Heat

Stephanie Barber wants to write a poem in your lawn.

And Daniel Trask, whose chapbook will be out soon, read from his novel DMR. He's currently driving around the country to promote the book. He plans to visit 48 states. He's blogging about it here. He wears a fanny pack (though he did not have it on during the reading). Leave him encouraging comments at his blog.

That is all.

Tomorrow my wife and I fly to London for the week. We will be tourists.

*update* Nic Noyer is actually Ric Royer, as Adam pointed out. I accidentally renamed him. This explains why I could not find his website

Ok, so yeah. Now to the airport.