things happened in london and things happened here while i was away

I have decided that I will rename my blog. I will probably rename my blog many times in the future, depending on my mood or on things I have drawn or on other things I have taken pictures of, etc. I think this is a good thing. 

On the plane home from London, I read an essay from On Writing Research: The Braddock Essays. The essay is called "The Shifting Relationship Between Speech and Writing" by Peter Elbow. I liked this essay. It made me feel better about some awful things I have written and some awful things I have said to people.

Writing is both 'indelible' and 'ephemeral.' Speech is...

I am allowed to change my blog name, I think. I don't think this will cause problems. If it does, they will be minor problems.

The new name of this blog is 'drinks on wheels.'


Okay, I will post more things about London. But first I am posting about this business card for this alcohol delivery service. I found the business card in a stack of business cards next to a bike chained to a bike rack in Bayswater about half a mile north of Kensington Gardens.

So, I am happy to be home. I feel as though I was disconnected for a whole week. Now I am back and can email people and post things and do normal things. I start working in the Writing Center in one hour.

While I was gone, things happened (some of these things happed right before I left, but I was too busy to talk about them):

I received many things in the mail: Avery #3, Caketrain #5, the latest McSweeney's, an envelope from n+1 asking me to renew ("As one of our early subscribers, you've helped build n+1 from the ground up"). I have not yet decided if I'd like to renew. I don't know. I exchanged journals with Cliff Garstang: I sent him a Bat City Review and he sent me a Subtropics #1. I also have the latest Columbia, Beloit Fiction Journal, and the story collection Six off 66, from Publishing Genius. I need to send money for the book. Also, I bought DMR from Daniel Trask. I have lots of reading. I may or may not write about these things I read. I am excited to start reading these things.

One of my friends, Nat Foster, who basically ran Phoebe this past year as Editor in Chief just had a story taken by Gulf Coast; his first publication. Hooray.

Dan Wickett wrote my name in the same sentence as Dan Chaon's name, Dory Adam's name, and Glen Pourciau's name. Wickett had good words to say about Avery #2.

Usain Bolt ran 100m in 9.72 seconds. He is now the fastest sprinter in the world.

Another friend, Rion Scott, placed 2ndrunnerup in this: the Africana Fiction contest.

The summer 2008 issue of The Quarterly Conversation went live. I haven't read all of it, but Dan Green's essay on Barthelme caught my attention, and I'm still reading Richard Grayson's essay on POD publishing. My review of Alexandra Chasin's Kissed By is also included. When I first went to read/review the book, I checked out the credits in the front and was happy to see that she'd had a piece from the collection published in an older Phoebe (Vol. 32 No. 2), back when Matt Ellsworth was Fiction Editor. It's a great collection, anyhow, and I'm glad to see Phoebe somehow linked to her and to FC2.

That is all for now. I must go do things.