'tone ghosting'

So a few days ago, I wrote up something lazy about the Cheryl's Gone reading series I attended/read at. Anyhow, in that post I said that I was disappointed at having not witnessed Jeff's 'Tone Ghosting.' I assumed that because he didn't physically use a hack saw and old records during the set, then he must have been doing some of his 'normal' experimental music.

Anyhow, Jeff wrote me an email a few minutes ago to sort of explain his set (and I'm glad he did):

"Hey Ryan--Thanks for the mention in your blog. I just wanted to let you know that you did actually experience Tone Ghosting. These days, all the noises from scraping vinyl LPs with hacksaws are contained on loops that I manipulate during my set. Lately, I've been making the drum machine rhythms more regular, too. It's all improvised, so I'm always changing it around. Lots of people want to see the record sawing, it seems. I may have to give the people what they want! They may be sorry!"

So yeah, there it is: Tone Ghosting.

Thanks, Jeff, for the email and for the clarification.

His stuff can be purchased here, for those still curious. Read more at Noiseweek.