i reviewed an anthology and linked to some old online stories

So I recently finished writing my review of Dzanc Books' Best of the Web 2008, an anthology of the best online writing from 2007 (as judged by Steve Gillis, Dan Wickett, Nathan Leslie, and Steve Almond). I liked the anthology. I wrote a 'clean,' favorable review. The review should be up at Newpages.com tomorrow.

*See the reviews here*

Writing this review made me remember several things from back when I first started reading online lit journals three years ago. So, these are things I read online that I think nice thoughts about every now and then and am attached to for irrational reasons. Many of them are from only a few places; my knowledge of online journals was very limited. 

I feel nostalgic about these pieces. I don't know why I like them. I just remember them being things I enjoyed reading at the time I read them.

Also linked are more recent online things that I think about in good ways as well every now and then. So that is good.

I feel like all of this is obvious, everyone will know these anyhow, and that I am only cluttering up the internet.

I could probably link to many more, I guess, but I need to do something else besides this, so I won't. I will stop thinking of more.

*Okay, I just copied and pasted everyone's suggestions from the comments right here in an unorganized manner*:

Also, I tried, but could not find the Darby Larson that Gene suggested...

So yeah.