another NO COLONY promotional post

Lots of people have done promotional posts for NO COLONY.

I will add my own promotion to this promotional orgy.

If you can somehow prove to me that you have preordered a copy of NO COLONY, I will send you this tattered copy of Robert Coover's Pricksongs & Descants as soon as possible. Proof of your having pre-ordered a copy of NO COLONY can come in many forms: an email from Blake Butler or Ken Bauman, which you then forward to me; a picture of your computer screen showing the confirmation order page; or, if you'd like to wait, a picture of you holding NO COLONY next to your head.

Any of this will work.

Email me or comment here that you have proof and I will send you this tattered copy of Pricksongs & Descants.

For fairness, you must not have won any other promotional orgies.


Amanda Nazario has won the Robert Coover Pricksongs & Descants NO COLONY giveaway promotional orgy. She has promised in a gchat to purchase NO COLONY today as soon as she gets her paycheck. Because I play favorites, and because I recently met Amanda and she is awesome and wrote this really funny story on Pindeldyboz that she read aloud to us and made us laugh, I am giving her the prize.

Here is our gchat as proof:

Amanda: Ah yes.
we have Boone's also
have you given away the Coover book yet?
me: no
do you want it? 
Amanda: Yeah, I really do! But I also want to order No Colony.
I should be able to do so when I get paid tomorrow.
me: so if you order no colony, i give you coover book
that is good