old books

I am going through a bunch of my books in my old room at my parents' house right now and I found this, an old copy of Come Back, Dr. Caligari. I originally got this book at a used bookstore I worked at in Northern Virginia. I thought I lost it somehow, and now I am really happy that it's been at my parent' house all this time.

My throat and eyes hurt because of all the dust I've stirred up by going through my books. I am trying to get rid of lots of these books before Laura and I move down to Houston. I am trying to get rid of books that I can easily find wherever I go. I am keeping the books that I'm attached to or that I will have a hard time finding if I ever get rid of them.

Tomorrow I drive back to Fairfax (after having spent two weeks at 'writing camp'). The drive will take 9+ hours. I have to work tomorrow in the Writing Center for the closing shift, so I am basically just driving to work tomorrow.