octopus books and The Open Face Sandwich

I tried to order a $6 chapbook from Octopus Books the other day. Shortly after I sent in the order, Zachary Schomburg wrote me back and apologized, saying they didn't have the chapbook I'd ordered and suggested some other options. I said okay, surprise me, etc. I like surprises. Yesterday, I received DJ Spinoza's Dozen by Eugene Ostashevsky AND The Tides by Genya Turovskaya. I haven't started reading them, but I promise I will soon after this round of student papers are all responded to.

The point of this part of the post, I think, is to say that I had a positive experience with Octopus Books and that they were very nice and kind to me. Thank you.

I also received the first issue of The Open Face Sandwich. This issue looks nice. I like how the paper on the cover feels. I like the cover a lot. It made me hungry. I have not read the issue yet. I cannot read it because of the cover and because of the photographs inside. All I can do right now is open it up to look at the 'photographic essay,' titled "Found in Atlanta," by Meshakai Wolf.

Sheheryar B. Sheikh wrote a review of it at Newpages.

Joe Hall has a story in it. I know Joe Hall. Therefore, I am famous by proxy.

I used the word proxy in a gchat the other night.

Hold on, I will look for it.

Okay, it was with Mike Young. We were talking business, I think.

Mike: drat
sunglasses hate us
me: yes
the sun also 
by proxy
or soemthing
Mike: hahahahaha
me: proxy
over and over
Mike: proxy
me: yes

I should delete this post.

That is all.

Wait, I think I used the word 'proxy' incorrectly in this post and in the gchat.

I am deleting everything.