Hobart games issue

I just got the Hobart games issue in the mail today. Lots of good stuff in it, by a lot of the usual people. I've only read a few things from it so far, including Kim Chinquee's shorts, Dave Madden's story, and the last essay by Mike Alber. I'll have to read more later. 

Matt Bell's essay, "Ken Sent Me..." made me laugh. I never played Lesuire Suit Larry, was probably way too young, but the essay did make me think of our old IBM, which we set up in various parts of our 1970s(?) era bi-level house (the one I grew up in looked a lot like this one, except the floorplan was flipped). My dad put the computer first in the living room, then downstairs in the basement. On this computer I played the following games: Math Blaster, the original Oregon Trail (I think), Dig Doug, Q-Bert, Decathalon, some text adventure game in which I was a submarine commander (I always slipped and fell into the ocean and drowned in the icy water as I tried to enter the submarine), another text adventure game in which I battled trolls and stuff, and then later I played some WWII flying game with horrible graphics, and then probably my favorite game, because my dad was a fighter pilot back then, was Falcon, which I played all the time. I once shot down a MIG, which was huge cause for celebration in my head. Anyhow, thank you Matt Bell for that essay. It made me think of good memories of being a child and sitting in front of a computer.