Today I 'finished' a story. Just now actually. It is not really finished, but I wrote until the end. I wrote things out of my head without thinking of them and I wrote until the end of the story's plot. This is rare for me. I feel kind of bored by the story. I am scared that it bored me and that it is not good anymore. I am going to leave it alone for now. I think it is a good story actually. I mean, it has potential to be good: it has incest in it. I think that is good, right? There is a scene of incest in it. Do it, people. Enjoy the incest while you can, you fucks, is what I say.

I need to be more serious about this story now that it has been drafted through. I need to get back into the story and put the old version up and rewrite the old version in a serious way so that it is a serious story. I think the story is funny. Also, it made me really sad just now writing it. I don't know. Blogging is dumb. So is publishing. And writing.

I think I am bored with the story right now because I am 'finished' with it. There is nothing new to discover about the story as I write. I'm hoping I can overcome this and discover new, little things as I write, little things that I enjoy in the sentences. And maybe things in the story will change because of this.